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Capital Payment System Keeps Lines Moving During Peak Hours

Capital Payment Systems is a space-saving and easy to use tablet-based POS solution that helps food truck and mobile concession stands to keep lines moving during peak hours while tracking stock items, employees, and patrons.


Transform both tablets and handhelds into cash registers


Take orders and ring up sales in no time – never loose customers due to long lines


Accept card payments – even offline


Record cash, checks, and gift cards to keep your books up to date


Create electronic tickets in a snap and get rid of the handwritten tickets that are lost or hard to read


Send orders to a wireless kitchen printer and stay organized

Keep track of sales

Track sales in real-time, Identify best-selling menu items, track employee hours and manage inventory and reduce food waste

Familiar user interface

Easy-to-use application cuts down training of new staff members, preset tip amounts, add or manage menu items and add-ons and update prices with just a click and add photos of menu items for easier navigation

Secure payments

EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and pin payments and accept NFC-based payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Handheld and Kiosk POS

  • Add a handheld POS device for line busting outside the truck during peak hours
  • Quickly increase the capacity without taking up valuable real estate inside the truck

Affordable even for small businesses

    • Use stand alone or seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
    • Choose from a broad selection of stylish and compact hardware peripherals that save valuable counter space
    • Save big by selecting the most cost-efficient payment processor
    • Low monthly fee with no upfront cost for software licenses or servers

The Best and Most affordable Point of Sale System for your business.