A complete system to streamline management of both the stockroom and the storefront.

Capital Payment Systems perfect for Shops like yours:

Show Floor

Always on Mode keeps you in business

Keep business up and running, even during an Internet slow-down or outage. Never lose a sale when you have the ability to continue processing card transactions even when the Internet goes down.

Get to know your regulars with a CRM

Better understand who comes into your business and access their purchase histories with Revel’s built-in CRM. Gain more repeat customers by knowing their favorite items and preferences.

Stock Room

Manage your stock more efficiently

Whether a small inventory or thousands of SKUs over multiple locations, keep an account of every item with matrix inventory management.

Streamline Employee Management

Manage your employee schedules, hours worked, and payroll on a single platform.

On the Go

Access your operations anywhere with the Insights App

Our software has a management app that gives you control of your business, anywhere. Stay on top of your operations whether you are at your store or on the road.


Access straight-forward sales data in real time


Manage labor; ensure employee attendance and update schedules right from the app


Forecast based on the wealth of reporting data at your fingertips

The Best and Most affordable Point of Sale System for your business.