How to accept credit cards
online with Capital Payment System

Integrating online payments with us gives you the ability to securely process transactions based on your business’s needs.

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Integrate simple
and secure online
payment acceptance

Whether your business has an online shop, a full eCommerce platform, or a charitable donations page, you need a way to accept payments online.

Capital Payment Systems Gateway allows eCommerce sellers to simply accept online credit card payments, also known as card-not-present payments.

Every credit card transaction processed online passes through our gateway and is protected by Capital Payment Systems, our layer of defense against data breaches and criminal activity.


Integration Support


Developer-friendly APIs


Protected Data

Integrations + Plugins

Our gateway is built with omnichannel commerce in mind. If your business also accepts in-store payments or plans to in the future, you can choose from our point-of-sale (POS) and terminal solutions, all seamlessly integrated to the Capital Payment Systems Gateway.


Conveniently process payments without leaving your QuickBooks® file. Our app plugs-in to your existing Company File to increase efficiency, ease reconciliation, and reduce risk.


Ecommerce functionality to WordPress websites. Our plugin enables payments from your online store using your Capital Payment Systems account.


Connect to most 3rd party shopping carts or CRMs that support Auth.Net via our e-commerce suite solution.

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