wines and liquors

Ring Up Sales and Manage Your Wine and Liquor Store with Capital Payment System

Capital Payment Systems turns tablets and handhelds into full-feature POS devices for both countertop and mobile use, enabling wine and liquor stores to ring up sales, keep track of inventory, and interact with customers —from anywhere in the store.


Transform tablets and handhelds into cash registers


Enjoy all the functionality of a traditional POS but at significantly lower cost


Speedy, personalized service from anywhere


Order items by simply scanning or selecting from a product menu


Access in-depth information about wines and liquor and share with customers


Quickly control price and availability without leaving the customer


Access shoppers’ purchase history to enable cross/up selling


Easily categorize wines and liquors into sub groups

Real-time inventory visibility

Quickly control and update price and product information and check availability without leaving the customer

Fully integrated rewards and gift card program

A fully integrated gift card and loyalty program enables customers to earn and redeem rewards with no processing fees for gift cards and engage with shoppers with the built-in email marketing campaign tool

Secure payments

EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and PIN payments and accept NFC-based payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Flexible and cost-efficient

    • Enjoy the freedom of choice and select the most cost-efficient payment processor
    • Pay a low monthly fee with no upfront investments in software licenses or servers — affordable even for small businesses

The Best and Most affordable Point of Sale System for your business.